Many small businesses have real potential, but don’t always qualify for conventional financing. SBA loans can allow for lower down payments, longer amortizations, more favorable terms, and projection-based financing.

As a Small Business Administration (SBA) preferred lender, Savoy offers a variety of financing options: lines of credit, term loans, real estate and equipment financing. And because Savoy Bank financing is guaranteed by the SBA, it may be easier to qualify for than a standard loan.

We have the experience to help you navigate and streamline the lending process to find the best path to success and because all loan decisions are made by our lending team, we can turn around loans faster.


SBA Express
SBA 7 (a) Term Loan
SBA 504*
SBA Capline
Loan Size
Up to $350,000 Up to $5 million Up to $10 million Up to $5 million
Shorter-term financing General business financing Purchase of owner-occupied
commercial real estate* & large equipment
Filling cash flow gaps in your business
Working capital
purchasing or financing: inventory, furniture, equipment
accounts receivables
Working capital
acquisition, expansion
purchase real estate, equipment and inventory
Acquisition, expansion
construction, rennovation, refinance
Working capital, expansion of business
Up to 10 years Up to 25 years 10-20 years Up to 10 years
Approval in 36 hours
Collateral options: equipment, vehicles, inventory
Flexible use of funds Lower interest rates
lower closing costs
Interest only payments, collateral : receivables or inventory
Up to 90% Up to 90% Up to 70%

Up to 90%


* Building must be 51%+ owner-occupied.

What Every Entrepreneur Should Know About SBA Lending

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