"Savoy provides me with all the services of a major bank, but delivers them with the personality of a small bank."

Nicholas Guagliardo

Founder + Chief Executive / ESM Group

Nicholas Guagliardo has been in business for four and a half decades. As Chief Executive of the Westchester County-based ESM Group, a holding company, Mr. Guagliardo wears several business hats, covering real estate, warehousing, and most especially, commercial moving and storage, including the management and safe-keeping of corporate archives and surplus office furniture disposal services.

When a mortgage was needed to refinance his 35,000-square-foot Yonkers warehouse in 2014, the initial response wasn't favorable. "My business is not an easy one for lenders to wrap their arms around, so the reactions we were getting from various banks was decidedly cool," Mr. Guagliardo recalls. But that abruptly changed, he says, when a mortgage broker introduced him to Savoy Bank. "From the beginning, I experienced a level of comfort I had never felt with a bank before, and I've dealt with many banks," he says. "At Savoy, I sensed an eagerness to understand the complexities of my business, its cyclical nature and cash flow variables, rather than be put off by them. Savoy wanted to be my bank, and four years later we are still going strong and haven't disappointed one another."

ESM has four warehouses in Westchester and Fairfield counties, totaling 125,000 square feet, and can boast of such major clients as Con Edison, Colgate-Palmolive Company and Hanesbrands Inc. Mr. Guagliardo feels that both small and large companies need to make the most efficient use possible of expensive office space. He says, "For example, they don't want to pay today's rents to house files that aren't frequently needed. But they do want easy access to them when they are needed, which is why we've developed a management system that allows for easy retrieval of data." In short, he sees a pathway to growth for ESM, and is comforted to know that his bank is with him on the journey forward. "I still find it so refreshing to be able to pick up the phone and talk with someone I know at Savoy, who will quickly steer me to the right person for whatever the current need might be," he says.