Every small business needs a competitive advantage. Savoy Bank offers a variety of business services and tools to help you better manage your cash flow and your business.

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Online and Mobile Business Banking

You can do almost anything you need to do online. It’s fast, convenient and available 24/7.

  • Check balances
  • Track purchases
  • Transfer between Savoy accounts and external accounts
  • Pay bills
  • View real-time current day transactions
  • Make direct deposits
  • Stop payments
  • Initiate wire transfers
  • View and search transaction histories
  • View and download your statements
  • Easily integrate with QuickBooks®
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Remote Deposit

Secure and simple. You can make immediate deposits to your Savoy Bank account from your PC or your mobile phone – even from multiple locations. But more importantly, instead of waiting 3 to 5 days for your checks to clear, you get next day availability of funds deposited before 5PM EST, which will facilitate your cash flow.

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Cash Management

If your customers pay with cash, you need efficient, cost-effective cash management services. We’re here to provide those services, whether minimal or comprehensive.

Contact Savoy’s Success Team to learn more about:

  • Cash and coin delivery and pick-up
  • Cash safes to improve safety and reduce costs
  • Real-time accounting and availability
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Merchant Services

Simplify your business operations and increase your revenues by accepting ATM, credit, and debit cards from your customers with Merchant Services from Savoy Bank. We offer a wide range of solutions, from traditional in-store terminals to online and mobile payments, so that you can better manage and grow your business. We also offer extremely cost-effective solutions with lower processing costs and faster access to funds. So, increase your cash flow and offer your customers the convenience they expect: a true win-win.

Curious enough to find out more?

We’ll conduct a complementary analysis to see whether we can lower your costs and improve your liquidity. Just send us 3 months of statements from your current merchant services provider.

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Credit Cards

We offer fast approvals and competitive rates on cards for both businesses and individuals.

Debit MasterCard
Your purchases are deducted directly from your Savoy checking account, providing both convenience and security. That means, less trips to the ATM and you can leave your checkbook at home.

Savoy Bank offers business and personal MasterCard accounts with no annual fees, competitive ongoing rates and extraordinary benefits. These cards are accepted at more than 9 million locations around the globe and on the internet. You can also use them to get cash advances at more than 200,000 locations worldwide.

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Wire Transfers

All incoming domestic and international wire transfers are free for all of our account holders. Our outgoing domestic and international wire transfer fees are some of the lowest in the nation. After all, you’re wired for success. And your wire services should be, too.

Domestic Incoming Wires

Receiving Bank: Savoy Bank

Receiving Bank ABA #: 026014407

Beneficiary: Receiver name/account number

International Incoming Wires

Receiving Bank: Atlantic Central Bankers Bank

Receiving Bank Address: 1400 Market Street #200, Camp Hill, PA 17011

Receiving Bank's Swift Code: NORHUS33

Beneficiary Bank Account Number: 220400

Beneficiary Bank Name: Savoy Bank

Beneficiary: Receiver name/account number

Ref: Savoy Bank

Receiving Bank: Additional referencing information

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Savoy Bank provides you with world-class convenience. That’s because you can use virtually any ATM anywhere in the world for cash withdrawals or advances surcharge free.

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Contact Savoy’s Success Team to discuss account details